For Plaintiff Attorneys

For Attorneys Evaluating a Gentamicin Poisoning Case

If you are an attorney evaluating a medical malpractice case where gentamicin use resulted in a balance disorder (vestibulopathy) or a vision disturbance where the client complains of bouncing vision (oscillopsia) it is critical that you:

Learn about all facets of gentamicin ototoxicity in depth.

Get all of the client’s medical records, including a few years’ prior records.

Have the case reviewed by a competent infectious disease specialist or other appropriate specialist.

Associate experienced counsel if necessary.

Gentamicin ototoxicity cases are highly technical. Many good plaintiffs' cases have been rejected by attorneys who didn’t understand the gentamicin ototoxicity issues, or who had the cases reviewed by nurses or physicians who had limited understanding of gentamicin administration. Many attorneys mistakenly believe that gentamicin cases are product liability cases. This notion seems based on a few cases that resulted from a batch of tainted gentamicin imported years ago that caused certain neuropathies. Often, it is the hospital or home infusion company, not the prescribing physician, who is negligent. All aspects of a potential case need to be thoroughly evaluated. Further technical information for attorneys evaluating gentamicin poisoning cases is provided in this website.

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